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Bat Removal

Professional Bat Removal

Professional bat removal is the best way to get rid of bats in your home or office. The Shield Pest Control bat removal process is done in three steps. To confirm the presence of bats in your home or business, we first conduct a thorough inspection. We will then create a bat control plan that will safely eliminate your problem. Next, we will discuss your bat control plan with you and answer any questions that you might have.

Through holes, bats can gain entry to homes, condos, or apartment buildings. Most often, bats will enter buildings through holes on roof edges. Bats can squeeze in holes as small as 3/8″. Most areas will be at minimum 8 feet above the ground. Bats prefer to live two stories higher.

To eliminate bats, you must find and remove the colony from your house. Most bats you’ll see are worker bats, which forage for food. They might travel long distances to enter your home or workplace for food. The only way to get rid of these bats is to kill them. These bats leave behind a trail of chemical or pheromones that other bats can follow to your house. It will be a constant battle. It is safer to call a professional pest control company to find the bat colony and exterminate it from your attic.

They are difficult to reach for most people because they live in high places, such as attics or higher areas. Handling bats is dangerous because they can transmit rabies. There may also be diseases in their droppings. Poisoning them is not a good option nor is it a good idea to trap them in your house or other building. A professional is the best person to handle this type of wildlife removal. We offer bat removal in Wayne NJ, as well as the surrounding areas including Bergen and Sussex Counties.


Sheild Pest Control has many years of experience in bat removal. They will educate you about what you can do to prevent or reduce future infestations. After the bats have been removed, Shield Pest Control will exterminate the bats and prevent them from returning.

Contact Shield Pest Control for professional bat removal services in Wayne, NJ or the surrounding areas. Our goal is to make your home feel safe and comfortable.

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