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Cave Crickets

Cave Cricket Control

Cave Cricket extermination by professionals is the best way to get rid of them from your home. Shield Pest Control cave cricket control process is three-step. To confirm that cricket is present in your property or business, we first conduct a thorough inspection. We will then create a cricket control plan that will safely eliminate your problem. We will then consult with you about your cricket control plan and answer any questions you might have before we begin a treatment.

Cave crickets can enter condos, apartments and homes when the temperature drops, especially in fall, to seek shelter from the cold. They prefer dark, damp basements and garages. Because they are scavengers who eat many things, infestations are not caused by the food sources but rather shelter. They can also attract other rodents such as mice and rats, since they are attracted to crickets. They should be exterminated for these reasons.

It can be hard to locate all of them as they don’t live in colonies. Repeat invasions can often result if you don’t get rid of all the pests. Pesticides offer the best way to get rid of them. A professional exterminator can safely and effectively use chemicals that are safe for the environment.

Cave crickets like to nest in crawl spaces, basements and garages.

Shield Pest Control can help educate northern NJ homeowners regarding things they can do to reduce or prevent repeat cricket infestations. It is vital to find and remove any possible breeding situations. Cave cricket elimination can be achieved by eliminating damp wood and leaves from around the house.

Contact Shield Pest Control for professional cave cricket removal services in Wayne, NJ or the surrounding areas. Our goal is to make your home feel safe and comfortable.

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