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Fleas in your home? We can help you rid your home of this pest today! Wayne NJ flea control experts at Shield Pest Control are your local flea exterminator. Our services are affordable, efficient, and safe. We can help you get back on track to pest-free living. Flea infestations can occur in even the most well-maintained New Jersey homes and businesses. Don’t despair if this happens!

Fleas feed on blood. Fleas can attack pets, wildlife, and even humans. Pets are often the first way fleas get into homes. Flea infestations that are severe can occur in a matter of just a few hours.

The eggs laid on pets can spread quickly throughout a house. Flea bites usually don’t cause much pain if any and look like a raised spot on the skin. This can become itchy or inflamed. Flea bite marks may look similar to bed bugs or mosquitoes.

To deliver effective service, you need to be precise. It is important to remove all harborage and treat infested pests. Proper timing is critical. In other words, it is essential to service the entire house at the same time as treating pets. It is possible to have repeat services due to a re-infestation if things are not planned out well.

Pay special attention to the following:

  • Fleas are attracted to pet and human bedding. Drying these items for 25 minutes in the dryer will eliminate them.
  • Carpets, area rugs, and pet rest areas should be vacuumed regularly. After each time, either dispose of the bag/empty the canister.
  • Fleas and eggs can be found in dog houses, pet perches, outside rest areas, and other places such as outside spaces. It is important to prevent re-infestation.

Fleas are incredibly resilient and can be difficult to eradicate. Over-the-counter treatments are not effective in controlling these insects. Flea bombs and foggers are not the best options. Instead, you can use persistent vacuuming, residual products treatment, and prevention.

Pets with known flea problems should be treated and maintained with veterinarian-approved flea control product(s). You should vacuum and wash all areas where your pet rests.

Flea-treatment products that are over-the-counter are required to be user-friendly. This regulation is based upon the assumption that consumers might not always adhere to the label exactly. OTC treatments typically have a good knockdown rate when used directly on insects. These products do not offer any residual protection. Flea treatments should be administered by professionals who are trained to handle liquid and aerosol products.

Pest Control for Fleas

Flea control treatments usually result in a reduction in adult fleas in your home. However, it is not uncommon to see fleas return within seven to 14 days of treatment. Fleas that have been exposed to residual insecticide should die within hours.

Flea control treatments usually result in a reduction in adult fleas in your home. However, it is not uncommon to see fleas return within seven to 14 days of treatment. Fleas that have been exposed to residual insecticide should die within hours.

Individual fleas can be eliminated by daily vacuuming and subsequent treatments.

Shield Pest Control offers effective Flea Pest Control in Wayne NJ. The Flea Pest Control services are designed to eradicate the problem and protect against future infestations. Contact us today. We can help you live pest-free if you call us as soon as possible. Flea Pest Control Wayne NJ. #1 Wayne NJ Flea Exterminator.

Flea control is a job that a professional pest exterminator can do. They can identify and eradicate the infestation. The whole infestation may not be eliminated by DIY flea treatment products.

Absolutely! Fleas are most commonly treated in the home and on pets. However, outdoor areas may also need to be treated depending on how your yard is laid out.

It will take between three and five hours or as advised by your pest control company. Take your pet (including birds, reptiles, and hamsters) along with you. Have the fur of your pets checked by a vet for fleas.

Sometimes, groomers will use a fine-toothed flea brush, such as Safari Wood Handle Flea Comb for Dogs to get rid of fleas from the pet’s hair while they soak for the necessary time. Cat flea grooming is similar. They offer a flea bath to cats. However, groomers need to choose their shampoo carefully.

The only way for fleas to pass from their cocoons into a new host is by jumping. Once a flea has found a host, it tends to stay there throughout its entire life cycle. Fleas will not go to great lengths to find a new home. Once they have been attached to an animal, they will remain there all their life.

This flea species is Pulex irritans, but it is also known colloquially by the names house fleas and human fleas. They are common on dogs and many other host animals. Human fleas are found in the hairs of people. They cannot, however, breed in the hairs of humans.

In homes, the flea lifecycle, from egg to adult in fleas, takes between 17 and 26 days. Fleas can be seen for up to 8 weeks after treatment. Because cocooned adults can remain quiescent (dormant like) after pupating for up to five months while they wait for a host.

Flea bombs do not work well as a method to control fleas. Flea eggs and larvae can be found in carpets, but the pesticides are not able to penetrate these fibers. Instead of using insect bombs, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln suggests an Integrated Pest Management approach.

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