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Carpenter Bee Control

Shield Pest Control – Get Rid Carpenter Bees Wayne NJ & All of Passaic County NJ. Since 2000, we have provided pest control solutions for all of Passaic County. Since 2000, we have provided pest control solutions for all of Passaic County. Carpenter Bees are active in April through June, when females build their nests out of wood. These nests are usually built in your home’s fascia boards and decks. After the nest has been constructed, the female Carpenter Bee collects some pollen. After collecting the pollen, she places it in the exact 5/8th hole that she made in your wood. The pollen is then packed. After that, she deposits the eggs. Carpenter Bees can cause serious problems and damage to log cabins and other types of homes.

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Shield Pest Control uses a chemical to treat the exposed sections of wood. This kills them and stops them from causing damage. The equipment we created allows the technicians to apply the product at the highest possible places. All around rooflines, fascia boards and the tops of your homes. Telescoping poles are able to reach the highest places. It won’t be a problem if it is too high. Once the product has been applied, it takes 10 days for it to take effect and kill the Carpenter Bees.

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If we are unable to provide a quote over the phone then we will get back to you the same day. Carpenter Bee problems are serious. Call Shield Pest Control to take care of the problem. We get rid of carpenter bees in Wayne NJ and all of Passaic County NJ as well.

Contact Shield Pest Control for professional carpenter bee removal services in Wayne, NJ or the surrounding areas. Our goal is to make your home feel safe and comfortable.

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