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Squirrel Removal

Squirrel Control

Because they try to come in and live in people’s houses, squirrels are considered a pest species. They can pose a serious threat to property and health. There may be a number of viruses and diseases in their excrement, including Salmonella. They may also be a host to ticks and fleas, which can then infest your home. They love to chew. They can cause damage to electrical wiring and fire hazards if they chew it. The Flying Squirrels and the Eastern Gray Squirrel are two of the most common species found in New Jersey and New York. The best way to get rid of squirrels in your home or office is to hire a professional wildlife control company. So contact Shield Pest Control for your Squirrel removal services.

How did I get squirrels?

Squirrels usually enter homes, condos, and apartments through garage doors, chimney stacks, or soffits. They also chew entrances. Squirrels often prefer to live in attics. They seek shelter, food, and warmth. These squirrels seek warmth when the weather is cold in New Jersey or New York. They reproduce quickly once they have food, water, and warmth.

Why is it so difficult to get rid of squirrels?

It is very difficult to get rid of squirrels once they have entered your home or business. The age of your house, roof, and roof area will determine how easily squirrels can enter your home. They may chew through wood soffits and gable vents and exhaust fans in the attic. Squirrels can be territorial and may have multiple offspring. The most common reason homeowners fail to seal up entry points on their exteriors is trap placement. Shield Pest Control provides trapping and exclusion services for Grey and Flying squirrels in the New Jersey and New York regions.

What are the Signs of an Infestation Of Squirrels?

You can gain access to your attic through holes about 2 inches in diameter. You may hear noises from squirrels scratching or running together. Squirrels can be heard in the attic, walls, or chimneys. Night noises are usually from a flying squirrel. Daytime noises could be from a gray squirrel. Holes under or in the siding of a home chewed wires or damage to the attic insulation, evidence of squirrel nests or evidence that there are holes in the attic, or evidence that there is.

Shield Pest Control can help you learn about things you can do to prevent another rodent infestation. It is important to exterminate rodents, but also to take preventative steps to stop them from returning.

Shield Pest Control Methods to Get Rid of Squirrels

Shield Pest Control conducts an initial inspection of the house, pointing out any entry points. We then create a detailed plan that usually includes the following.

  • Over potential entry points, one-way release valve doors have been installed. This allows squirrels to escape but not regain access to the home.
  • To trap squirrels that aren’t used to one-way doors, box traps are placed in attic areas.
  • Once the squirrels have been removed from your place of business or home, we will return to close all holes and valve doors and get rid of any traps.

Attics with squirrels are a problem because they can chew on electrical wires and boards. Nesting adult females are usually the biggest problem. Their nests are often built near open spaces, such as unscreened vents or loose or decayed trim boards.

Squirrels are among the most sensitive animals to ultrasonic sounds. The University of Toledo studies found that squirrels can hear frequencies up to 49 kHz. Ultrasonic repellents emit a variety of pitches of ultrasonic sound at a beat and pace that is designed to irritate and cause fear in squirrels and other rodents from a specific area.

A yard decoy with an owl will discourage squirrels as they are prey for owls. The squirrels will get used to the decoy if it isn’t moved around frequently.

The smell of coffee may be appealing to you, but it is not for squirrels. To keep squirrels away from your hibiscus flowers, you can place a light layer of coffee grounds on top. Sprinkle some ground coffee on the soil around the plants to repel squirrels.

Vinegar is in fact a repellent because squirrels don’t like it. You can easily make and use a custom-made vinegar spray to spray your plants. This will likely protect them against squirrels. Vinegar can also repel insects like ants. Some other scents that squirrels really don’t like are pepper, garlic, coffee, and garlic.

Contact Shield Pest Control for professional ant removal services in Wayne, NJ or the surrounding areas. Our goal is to make your home feel safe and comfortable.

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